How to get UDF files to DVD via Shrink or Decrypter

I have UDF files on a DVD+R made by plugging in my old 8mm camcorder into my Gateway AR230. I am now trying to get the UDF files onto another DVD+R but Shrink and Decryptor do not see the files. (Actually Decrypter sees them if I go to IFO format but then I can’t do anything with the files.)

I no longer have access to the camcorder.

So my simple question is how to I get from A (UDF) to B(ISO or other format that I can use to burn to another DVD)



PS. Searched and read a few guides but I just got more confused.

BenQ 1620, Pentium IV HP, 1024 RAM, DVD Shrink, Decrypter, Fuji 8X DVD+R (TY media), burn rate 8X

What files show up when you use windows explorer? I would think you could just copy them to the hard drive first and then they will not be UDF only.