How to get titles on cd using nero

I have a Plextor PX-2410TA and am using Nero 5 version I have a group of songs that I saved to a cd data disk. They are saved as mp3’s. I copied them from the data disk back to my hard drive. I then dragged them to Nero and burned them to a disk. When I try to read the titles all I see is track 1.cda
How do I get the titles to print on the cd.
I looked at the manual and burned them as dao and dao96. I tried looking at the disk using windows explorer but see only the track number. I searched this forum, but found nothing that helped. Am I doing something totally stupid. Any help that anyone can give will help.

the way the track names are aquired in audio players is cddb (its basically an internet database of disk id’s which can be used to retrieve the names of the tracks)

If you made a user disk compilation it wont have an entry in that database so it will not save the track names

thanks for your reply.