How to get the titlemenu BACK?

hi guys,

i use anydvd/clonedvd very often, so i know it quite well.
still one thing really bugs me:

a year ago, a made a backup of a movie, and i accidentally turned the option “go straight to main movie” on, in anydvd.

so: my backup start playing at the main movie. (the title menu is still on the backup, cuz i can see it when i cycle through my vob files in windows explorer on my pc).

now: i want the dvd to start with the title menu!

i already tried to make a copy again of this backup, now with the ‘go straight to title menu’ activated in anydvd, but it doesn’t work.

also making a fresh backup from the original disc is no option, as it is full of scratches, and is unreadable :frowning:

can somebody help me out please?

Can’t be done. Just press “Menu” on your remote to access the menu.

nope, that doesn’t work. seems like the menu is locked.
the only way to reach it, is fast forward all the chapters from title 1 (main movie), and then i reach the menu (= title 2)

People keep asking this, i thought go straight to main movie was only a feature for DVD playback. So does this actually affect DVD backups you making as well.

So for example if i backup a disk in ISO mode of DVDdecypter with go straight to main movie ticked on anydvd. Then will the backup on my standalone go straight to the main movie?

Seems a bit odd to me?


yes it affects your IFO file, i managed to find that out yet, let’s have a look:

there you see, right below the “number of title map plays:2”
title 1: is my main movie, contains 28 chapters

THEN after is is played back, you get:

title 2: the title MENU

so, my question now: is there a way to edit this (for example in ifoedit), that i can play title 2 first, then title 1 ?