How to get the PERFECT 99 quality score burn

i owns a benq dw1620 pro with ala42 speed patch. my best burns are also 96. how do i get the best quality burns? i usually use MCC 003. Please advice all pros!

My luck with verbatim media hasn’t been the best. Currently, I’ve been getting some very nice burns (99) from a spindle of TDK -R TYG02’s. These are GG000…102’s. Because of the white spacer TDK place on top of their spindles, there is no way to tell what media batch you’re getting till you open the spindle. Fuji’s, on the other hand, allow you to tell which batch you’re getting. Look for the 102’s at BB. Careful you don’t get non-TY media, though. Look for the flush (non-lipped) base and “made in japan” printed on the label and the top of the 1st dvd. I tried a couple of 103’s from a spindle of genuine TY and they didn’t burn as nice as my 102 batch. Good luck in your search. :slight_smile:

MCC 003 HP DVD+R 8x. Best media for Benq with fw B7S9.
With this media i always have 99% at 12x.
But not Verbatim MCC 003 (Only HP DVD+R 8x MCC 003)

wat about mitsubishi mcc 003? pearl silver?

you must be from singapore… :bigsmile: :bigsmile:

yes i am from singapore saw u in HWZ forums ahhaa. wat other medias are mcc 003?

Verbatim media have the MCC MID code; now I cannot recall excatly which certified speed it has printed on it.
But I guess it’s the Verbatim 8x media, any1 can confirm this ? Could be mistaken though.

You don’t need “quality” brand names like Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim to hit 99% quality score…
With a healthy drive, good H/W and S/W setup you may also hit 99% with many low quality medias. :wink:

Brand: Noname, unbranded cheap crap, juwelcases.
Type: DVD-R 8x rated
Burned with: DVD Decrypter (image 4.38GB, movie)
Burned at: 8x
Burntime: 8:26
Firmware: B7U9
Note. QSuite qscan was run before burn.

nice one pinto2…

I know That u do not need to have brand media to get these results u posted, but the guy asked which media have the MCC003 code.
So I replied to that specific info :smiley:

For me, best media for “99” on the BenQ has been: Verbatim MCC004 DVD+R @ 12x or 8x, or Taiyo Yuden TYG02 DVD-R @ 8x.

What is the quality score most depedent on, i.e. max PIE, max PIF, jitter?

Currently, ONLY PIF is used to calculate quality…altough this will likely change at some point in the future. In otherwords, if you have a max PIF of 3 and a max PIE of 500 (out of spec), it would still be a quality of 99%.

How can I find out what magnitude of errors are still in spec?

Max PIE = 280
Max PIF= 16 (When scanning with BenQ & CD-DVD Speed Max PIF=16 ; Max PIF is 4 when scanning with Liteon drive & Kprobe ; Max PIF=4 when using Plextor & Plextools to scan)
Max POF= 0 (if you have any POF errors, consider it a coaster)

Check out the below threads:
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my best burn so far, made on a Taiyo Yuden 4x revision 00 (which burn better than rev 01)

Moris, what speed was that burn at?

This cant exactly be true. I have had a few disks with POF errors and they still play without any problems on my standalone player.

burned at 8x, which gives better results than 4x !

But you can’t make exact copy of that disk anymore and so you loose the idea of digital copying.