How to get the dvd's I've copied to play on a dvd player?

I’ve been reading a lot on this forum but most of it makes No sense to me at all. Although I now know dvd+R is better than what I am using DVD-R.
But what I need is help getting the dvd’s I’ve copied to play on a dvd player.

I read I can make these play on dvd players but I need to get something called Nero first, Is this right?
Might I have something on my computer already that will do this?

My computer is a: HP media center PC 519k intel pentium 4 512 MBpc2-3200DDR SDRAM memory 200GB 7200RPM serial ATA hard drive cd-rom 48x max speed and it doesn’t say what the lightscribe dvd±writer/cd writer is. Ok, Also says dvd writer 640b HP

or will dvd+R likely work if the dvd-R didn’t? ( I have made a dvd for my nephew and it won’t play there)

Thanks so Much!!

The first thing to do is to please tell us exactly what you have attempted to do already and how you know it didn’t work.

Second, the Nero Burning ROM software is used by many of us, but it is by no means required. There are other programs that have similar functionality.

Third, not all stand-alone DVD players play DVD-R or DVD+R. Some will only play original discs. Some players will even be picky about which brand of DVDR you use. Others will happily play all formats. Check the manual or specs for your stand-alone player and see if any recordable formats are officially supported. Even if the specs don’t list any supported recordable formats, that doesn’t mean that it might play them anyway. The ancient Panasonic player I have upstairs was purchased before dvd burners were available and it plays all DVD+R and DVD-R discs I have thrown at it.

And just because the recordable disc plays on one player, that does not necessarily mean it will play on your nephew’s player if it’s a different model than yours.

Thank you for responding. The one movie recorded for my nephew was recorded on DVD-R verbatim. This one was recorded on our new dvd recorded and it plays fine on that and our dvd player and on the computer but not on either of my in-laws dvd players. It won’t advance past the first few chapters it just froze.
The one we copied on the computer on to a DVD-R/Nexxtech It isn’t even recongnized on our dvd player and on the computer it only shows about 5 mins.

Now I’m having more problems though. I just tried to play them both again on the computer and neither will play now. Why is this happening? I press play and it does nothing then says stop. I’m using something on my computer called Intervideo WinDVD 5 to play these. Last night The movie recorded on the dvd recorder played and forwards through the entire movie but now nothing, same with the other dvd. What could be going now?
thanks for you help.

PS, If I could get this older movie on DVD I’d just buy it. lol

Ok, I got them to play again on the comp at leas. I had to go through hp media center and click play DVD. For some reason I can’t bring up the windvd and click play there.

Still though, whats the cheapest way to make your dvd’s act like dvd rom’s so they play on dvd players?

Also I have something on my comp called intervideo decoder setup. is that the same thing as they talk about that can chage the dvd?

There is no way to guarantee that your burned discs will play on all standalone DVD players.

It sounds like the in-laws’ player is older and it doens’t support DVD-R media. It mgiht be worthwhile to try a DVD+R with bitsetting enabled, but nothing is guaranteed here.

As to the nexxtech media, it honestly sounds like it is of trash quality to begin with.

You shouldn’t have to tinker with any InterView Decoder Setup for any of this. It’s not related to burning DVDs at all.

Hi again, How do I enable bitsetting and I now know that dvd’s are not all created equal. lol And that intervideo decoder setup I don’t even know what it is, just thought maybe it could do the bitsetting thing.
thanks for all your help

Bitsetting is usually turned on and off in the burning software. That is one advantage of Nero, it does give you that option. Maybe you might want to try the demo and see if it helps. What software are you using to burn? if it doesn’t support bitsetting maybe you might want to try this tool here:

First of all you need to get better media like verbatim or some other good media. I can tell that you have some bad stuff because you said that your movies stop working after a few mins or skip. Thats just because of the quality of the disk.

Now the reason it doesnt work on your in-laws dvd player is most likely because its a standalone dvd player. To be able to play dvds on that you need to get dvd+r meida then you need to change the bitsetting on your driver. The only problem is you need to find out if your burner can support bitsetting. We need to find out what kind of burner you have.

To do so RIGHT click on “My Computer” then go down to “Properties”. Then after that go to click on the “Hardware” tabe at the top. Now click on “Device Manager”. From the list in device manager click on + by “DVD/CD-ROM drivers”. Then tell me the drivers that are there. After that i could tell you if it can do bitsetting.

Hi, thanks for your help. It says: HP DVD Writer 640b and there’s a samsung CD-Rom SC-148A listed there too.

Hi, The demo might just be what I need to get this done. thank’s for the Info

Ok first download the nero trial version get package 1 and 2 Click Here. After you have installed them click on the nero icon on your desktop or in the programs menu. Then go to the extras tab and click on “Test Driver”. When you get into there make sure that you have the dvd burner selected in the drop down menu. After that click on extras and go down to bitsetting. Now where it says new setting go and try to set it to dvd-rom if it already is that means you wont have to change it every time you restart. If it doesnt work then that means you can change the bitsetting.