How to get the AUDIO_TS folder on the DVD


I have been reading about the AUDIO_TS folder needing to be on the DVD for compatibility reasons. I have read several forums about this but don’t know how to burn it on the DVD with the VIDEO_TS folder.

I use DVD2One 1.0.2 and 1.1.1 with slecting the CopyToDVD option and once DVD2One is done it automatically launches CopyToDVD and burns the movie.

I have read somewhere to create the AUDIO_TS folder in the same folder that I create the VIDEO_TS folder for DVD2One to use. I have done that but the AUDIO_TS folder isn’t burned.

Thanks in advance, Mike

I do the following

Create a folder named DVD_TS

Then create both AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS as sub folders

Let DVD2ONE compress the video into the DVD_TS\VIDEO_TS folder

Copy2dvd will automatically then burn the AUDIO_TS folder with the VIDEO_TS folder making your dvd the most compatible



That’s what I do, on my hard drive I create a folders named 1, VIDEO_TS, and AUDIO_TS. I rip the movie to the folder named 1. In DVD2One I select the folder 1 as the source. As for as output I select the VIDEO_TS folder and tick the CopyToDVD box and both DVD2One and CopyToDVD only burn the VIDEO_TS folder.

Are you saying I need to setup my hard drive like this?

E:\1 (used to hold ripped movie files)

and then in DVD2One’s output box select E:\DVD_TS\VIDEO_TS

Thanks, Mike

I tried the setup I discribed above and DVD2One with the CopyToDVD engine enabled still only copied the VIDEO_TS folder.

Does anyone know how to copy the AUDIO_TS folder to the DVD with DVD2One and CopyToDVD enabled.

Thanks, Mike


The newest Verison of CoptoDvd automatically creates an audio_ts folder. Download the latest release your problem will be solved.

22th of March 2003
version CopyToDVD 2.0.1

  • add AUDIO_TS folder in dvd video for compatibility
  • better max speed limitation
  • iso output corrected.
  • fix folder structure as copytocd 1.x
  • auto correct bad .ifo/bup
  • double erasing prompt fixed
  • translation fixed

Thanks, I will get the updated version now.

I have created several DVD’s with DVD2One and CopyToDVD and only have the VIDEO_TS folder on the disk, will I have problems in the future and if so can I jist take the VIDEO_TS folder and burn it to a new disk with an AUDO_TS folder, i.e. using a 1:1 copying program like RecordNow.

Thanks, Mike

Yes you can Mike, but I have found that when making a dvd video disk with RecordNowMax, the disk takes about 10 seconds longer to be recognized by the player, whereas copy2dvd’s copy is recognized like a proper original in about 5 seconds

I use RecordNowMax for cd/dvd backup (on the fly copying)
DVD2One > Copy2dvd for initial dvd video


ImgTools automatically creates for you VIDEO_TS AND AUDIO_TS folders. Just browse to your folder which contain yours files.

there is no reason that a dvd player needs the audio_ts folder on it as this is always empty anyway. i never put this folder in and have not had any probs at all.
i use dvddecrypter
then prassi to burn,using the data option i just add the video_ts folder containing the film then if you like add an audio_ts folder (but not needed as i said)
aint this fun !!!:bigsmile:

johnnibravo is right.

You don´t need an Audio_TS folder. On many of my original DVDs is no Audio_TS folder