How to get S-ATA HD (with S-ATA controller card) to work!?


I accidentally bought an S-ATA harddisk (Western Digital 250 Gb), which then ofcourse didn’t fit, so I bought a controller card with it. It’s VScom Serial A-150 PCI Controller.

I installed the drivers for the controller, in windows XP. It works. However the harddisk doesn’t show in My Computer. It is listed in the device manager as a SCSI device though… and no exclamation marks or such, all seems to be working.

Now i’ve been trying to figure how to get windows to recognize the disk, was thinking of fdisk, but win XP doesn’t have it… and i been reading about fdisk not recognizing disk sizes over 137 Gb?

Before I’m gonna do anything stupid, anybody who can just tell me what to do? =)

Thanks in advance!

Just one question, have you partitioned your disk or formated it yet? (With i.e PowerQuest PartitionMagic.) Have you looked at the documentation for your card how to prepare a new hard drive?

Why would you use 3rd party program for something that’s builtin?
Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Disk Management


Indeed i hadn’t… usually used fdisk, but it aint in winXP… and i didn’t know about the diskmanagement… formatting as we speak =)

Feeling like a moron, but then again, how to know about such features really… other than find out this way :slight_smile:


I used to format hard disk drives with only FDISK of MS-DOS or Windows 98 SE. Since around 2000, I usually use Disk Management. I use PartitionMagic and other tools sometimes.

About 40 HDD drives, excluding the 6.4GB IDE drives, are here of which 11 are online now. My 3-month-old daughter seems to be interested in them. She’s gonna be a hardware genius. :slight_smile:

I tried to use “software RAID” with IEEE 1394/USB cases. I have two cases that can have two drives each. One RAID 0 array for each would be nice but my Windows XP doesn’t seem to allow any “dynamic” drive on them.

Partition Magic is nice for formatting, cause you get to choose cluster size.

Cluster size from 512 bytes to 64KB? The Disk Management in Windows 2000/XP/2003 has such an option, too. One thing I like about PM is to dynamically resize partition sizes.

Acronis PartitionExpert 2003 seemed more useful to me than PartitionMagic. It’s now called DiskDirector Suite.

Yes, Acronis is a good one. Wish they would package TrueImage with that. Now that Powerquest has been sucked up by Synamtec, Acronis seems the way to go.