How to get rid of the protections on Sony Music CD

Hi Everybody,

I have a Lite on LTR-32125W and just bought a music CD from Sony.

I did not saw the label will not play on the pc.

Is there anything out there which could bypass this stupid protection? :frowning:

Try SlySoft AnyDVD but don’t use it to make copies, except for backups. :cop:

Hi Thanks but i the Music CD does not play in the DVD player which is NEC and the Cd player is a Lite-on

The music CD is from Mary and Mary and is made by sony.

Sony have put a protection on it buti want to play the cd on my PC.

Did you try it. It has this feature.

Not sure but you might be able to hold the "shift key " when you put the cd in and try that…works on some copy protected cd’s.

Run a scanner like A-Ray Scanner to see what protection it is you are dealing with.

Thanks for the info but A-ray doesn’t see any protection.

But still it would not play explorer also does not see the cd.

Sony has a real good protection scheme so to speak.

help :frowning: :frowning:

I have tried with the CD mark on but still it does not see anything
getting furious at sony now :frowning: :frowning:

What software are you using to backup the cd ?

Try CloneCD or EAC to backup/rip the cd. Put the audio cd in the tray (a cd-rom preferably, not your dvd) put don’t close it. Start CloneCD and let CloneCD close the tray while holding down the shift button. In CloneCD select the option to only read the first session.

Sometimes this helps.

Do a search for CloneCD profiles also…