How to get rid of "extras"?



My Nero version is

To maximize the space reserved for the main movie, how do I get rid of the “extras” ?


Highlight what you don’t want, click disable, choose a color for the screen that will replace the disabled material, click ok.


Great. I just tried it and although I did not burn a DVD, it did pop up a window prompting me to choose a color of the screen. Thanks. This will save me 200-300 MB.

Now, for the main movie, it has a choice of

  1. Dolby Digital 5.1-ch English
  2. DTS 5.1-Ch English
  3. Dolby Digital 2-ch English

I would like to keep only one. Which one should I keep? I do not know about DTS but it seems that [1] is better sounding than [2] even I am not using any external speakers.


Dolby Digital 5.1-ch English is generally the main movie soundtrack, Dolby 5.1 surround.

DTS 5.1-Ch English is Digital Theater Sound, also generally the main movie soundtrack, sounds great, but you must have playback capabilities to gain any benefit. It takes up more file space than 5.1.

Dolby Digital 2-ch English, is generally the directors comments, unless it is an older title that only has stero sound.

So 5.1 is usually the best choice.

I would suggest that you burn your backup to your harddrive first, preview the file with PowerDVD or similar media player to make sure you like what you’ve done before burning to a DVD.


I used the “Disable” option to replace the extras with blank screen. This does save space on the DVD so I can give more to the main movie.

Problem is now I have many minutes of blank screen preceding the main movie. Is there anyway I can get rid of it ?


Unfortunatly, that is one of the drawsbacks.
If you like to tinker, try creating some backups with the items you want removed, save them to your hard drive, then use VobBlanker to cut out unwanted material thats left over, again saving to the hard drive, rather than burning a disk.
As you progress, you can check your results using PowerDVD or a similar media player. After you are satisfied with the outcome, you can burn your final compilation to DVD.

Off topic in the Recode forum, but CloneDVD2, available from SlySoft, works very well for copying movie only, without leaving the blank screens.
It also has the option to copy movie only, with menus preserved. This is my favorite approach, as I like being able to select scenes.
There is a 21 day trial period. If you haven’t tried it, you should check it out.
I use several backup utilities, and find they all have usefull features, not found in any single package.


Great idea. I will try CloneDVD.

Another off-topic question:

Is there any difference in video/audio qualities resulting from different softwares? More specifically, which software will give me better backup, Recode or CloneDVD ?


Both of these programs are transcoders. I don’t think either has an edge over the other in audio quality, but because of the second pass, deep analyse option with Recode, some forum members feel it may have an advantage in video quality, when processing a movie that shows 75% or less of original. This of course, should be determined by you thru comparison. If you are watching your backups on a 32 inch conventional TV, you will probably be happy with either. If you have a HD big screen, you need to experiment to determine what is acceptable to you.
On the exceptionally long movies that require a lot of compression, CloneDVD2 has the option to split to 2 disks in an easy fashion. This results in video quality equal to the original source.
The best advise I can give, is to try different software, picking YOUR favorite, or better yet, using a COMBINATION of them to achieve the results you desire. :slight_smile:


PGCedit or VOBblanker are free tools that allows skipping of extras with no pausing (ie you kill playback).


As to Audio it remains the same no program compresses audio.