How to get rid of a Virtual CD



After installing WinonCd, I ended up with another CD device, called CeQuant. Don't know how I got it but, as it moved my zip drive and proper CD up a letter. I unistalled WinonCD. But the virtual CD drive is still there, how can I get rid of it?
Any help appreciated
Regars - Zukk2


I would guess U need to boot & go to the bios and check for hard drives. I dont know I am only guessing. The other possibility is to use fix it and go through the options and stop it finding the virtual drive.
Hope I helped if not sorry. I haad the same problem once before with cdcopy I will try & remember how I got round it. Keep U posted.



goto start>>settings>>control panel>>add/remove programs>>then uninstall it from there. don’t play with your BIOS, there isn’t any need to for this situation. if it isn’t in the add/remove list, it might already be gone, but still in the start menu. in this case, right-click on the program group and select delete.


Thankx macs and Squage, I got rid of it by using the win98 registry backup from the morning that I had installed WinonCD, lucky it was not more then 5 days. There was nothing in BIOS mac and ther was nothing in Add/Remove or the start menu, Squage. It was though I had another physical drive connected on my IDE cable, very strange. So it was somewhere in the registry ???.