How to get on alt.chello.binaries

Bit new in this newsgoup area.
Did the mandatory search in archive but nothing really usefull.
Therefore this question, how to get on alt.chello.binaries newsgroup.

First you have to be a subscriber of Chello.
Then you have to find yourself a news agent, that is a program with which you can connect to newsgroup servers.

Add the newsgroup server
and then you can select alt.chello.binaries


if you go to hp://
you see a search for group in free newsgroup
for now the biggest alt.chello.binaries (12000 messages) in free public newsgroup is news://
If you want to see all releases in newsgroup goto h
don’t forget sometimes free news group is slow and you have to play with many server to suit your needs
a good (if not great) news agent is Xnews (hp:// zeonews look great too
and is easy to configure to play with many news group


I hope you understand my english

Thanks again,

no problems with the language.