How to get NEC 2500A to do bitsetting?

Hi everyone,

I have a usb NEC 2500A and I was wondering if anyone could tell me how to change it so it can booktype +R media.

I’m new to this and if I could get a guide on how to do it, that would be GREAT !


herrie 1.07b2v5 firm will do it.

here are more

yup with herries fw ^^

herrie 1.07b2v5 firm ok, do I use NECWinFlash with that.

Can anybody spare the time and give me a step by step guide on how to do this ?

I’m new at this and don’t want to damage my dvd burner.

Any help is greatly appreciated !

Read the readme before of course.

@ ofield,

Forum Member chef in #2 posting in this thread provided the Forum link to The NEC F.A.Q. (

If is obvious that you have not read The NEC F.A.Q. (

You are strongly encouraged to read The NEC F.A.Q. ( before attempting to flash your NEC ND-2500 DVD Burner firmware. All the information on how to properly flash your NEC ND-2500 firmware is provided in The NEC F.A.Q. (

Best Regards,

Thanks I’ll check out that link and get back to you guys.

I’ve been thinking about buying a new dvd burner. Do any new burners come with booktyping already enabled on them ???


I read the NEC Faq I have downloaded new firmware and binflash.

I hope I’m not frustrating anyone but I need to know how to actually do it?

Do I install the firmware and then flash the drive? What do I need to actually do?

Also in Binflash under Permanent Booktype Settings under DVD +R SL it says factory default active and in the drop down box there’s a place to change to dvd-rom is that all I need to do to set booktyping.

Please answer soon.

@ ofield,

If you have in fact completely read the NEC FAQ and noted the “How Do I Flash My NEC Drive” narrative contained in the NEC FAQ and followed the “BinFlash” link contained in the NEC FAQ and read the “BinFlash” documentation then flashing your NEC ND-2500 with bitsetting firmware is a task too difficult for your level of computer expertise.

The task of using BinFlash to flash a DVD Burner is not that difficult to do. I am sorry but if you are unable to comprehend the information contained in the referenced documentation I will not be responsible for you damaging your NEC ND-2500 DVD Burner.

Best Regards,

I have to agree with bj if you are unable to understand the instruction it is best you leave well enough alone as you may cause damage.


Sorry guys, I have a tendency to always overthink things. I installed the new firmware with no problems, and set my drive to bitsetting. It was actually quite easy.

One more quick question I have some fuji 8x +R media. Is it compatable with
the Herrie 107v2b5 firmware.

Thanks for all the help.

Well maybe I spoke too soon.

I used Binflash and permantly set +R to DVD ROM. Itried twice to burn a +R dvd using one click dvd and any dvd and towards the end of the burning process i get an error message improper media and burn failed.

I copied the same movie using Dvd-cloner and it came out fine and when I looked up disc info on the +R disc it said DVD Rom.

I perfer Any Dvd and 1 click dvd copy. Anybody Know how to fix this.

Then this tool must be the troublemaker.
I pm’d you other alternatives to try out. :wink: