How to get music to play on ipod nano?

A chick at work asked me to get her ipod nano to play music. I can see already in explorer, she already loaded tracks thru explorer. From what I have read, this doesnt work.

I tried a trial version of anapod, and it doesnt seem to do shite. I copied and pasted a track, and it still doesnt want to show up as a playable track.

By the looks of itunes, i need to start an account. I aint going that far for this gal. I dont think she has interest in buying music online. She just wants to load her existing music collection onto her ipod.

Someone please tell this apple illiterate human how to get these tracks transfered/playing. :bow:

Install iTunes. Drag your songs over onto the iPod. Play.

Thats about it unless there is a problem.

I use Winamp myself, to transfer music to my Ipod.

Well winamp crashes for me every time.

as far as itunes, i am using it, but I sure as hell dont see 2 window panes to represent my music folder, and that of the ipod, to simply drag and drop these things. Maybe you can elaborate.

So far, I had to add songs to a playlist, then i would highlight the ipod icon, then click “sync”. Then i could choose which playlist to add. To me thats a huge fuckaround. Especially, since this chick dont speak english, and my german just aint the best to explain it to her :p.