How to get more mp3s on CDR



I want to get as many audio files on a CDR as possible to play in the car. I have compressed WAV and MP3 files using both a compression tool called DietMP3 and the Nero encoder. However when I drag the compressed files into Nero (ver. the compressed files take up the same space on the duration/timeline as the original uncompressed files. How can a 3,000kb take up the same space as a 70,000kb file. Any help appreciated.


Because you are making an audio CD instead of copying the mp3s to the CD. In the former situation, Nero converts the mp3s to (uncompressed) WAV files.


You have to burn your mp3s as DATA and not audio,dont forget to finalise your disc when burning.


thanks for the reply. will data cds play in a stand alone cd player.


I would always choose the MP3 disc option that’s available in Nero. I was surprised to find that a data CD that I just created by copying mp3 files to it did actually work.

Non-audio discs (ie MP3 or Data) will only play in a standalone player if that player supports MP3, otherwise NO.


Sorry to ask such a basic question but I am getting confused. Should I burn my MP3 files as CD ROM ISO in order for it play in a car CD player which does play MP3s.


No just burn them as data,check your player as a few dont recognise above 99 tracks,also check how many characters it will display and edit your mp3 tracks to suit.


i guess you dont use nero , cdrom iso is the data mode in that software


I am new to Nero. Which data mode do you recommend. I just burnt an audio compilation in CDROM ISO but my car CD player wont play the disc. It will play on my DVD player though.Is there a way of “tricking” the car CD player in reading the disc as a regular MP3 audio disc.


Is your player actually capable of playing MP3 Cds? Does the spec say it will?

You will find it easier to use the Nero Express interface. There you select the burner & media type, then Music & MP3 disc. That way there’s no confusion as to what you’re doing.

If your car player can play MP3 & you create the CD as I’ve suggested & it still doesn’t work then it’s probably down to the CD media. I always use Verbatim Pastel or Super AZO as these will play fine on my car stereo that’s not supposed to play my own audio compilations.


Thanks for your reply. I use verbatim CDRs. What seems strange is that the player will handle a CDR of an album converted to MP3 in full but when I compress the MP3 to lower bit rate in order to get more files on the CDR it fails to play. I am going to burn a compilation of tracks ripped as WAV & then converted to MP3 using the nero decoder to see if this will play in the car CD player.


Makes sense. At normal compression you’ll still get enough for a very long car ride.


This is where I am confused. I have just used Nero to convert a number of WAV files to MP3 @ 128 Bits. If I select the audio CD setting in Nero I can only get about 18 tracks on the CDR. If I select CDROM ISO 80 tracks only take up 350mb of the CDR but the CD player does not recognise the disc as this becomes a data disc. Are there any other options in NERO that will allow me to get many tracks on a CDR that will play in a CD player.


Surely with your version of Nero you’ve got Nero Express which makes it much easier to create MP3 Cds. There is the option specifically for it so use it.

What seems strange is that the player will handle a CDR of an album converted to MP3 in full

When you’ve done this was it as an audio CD or with ISO option?


Cheers Tim for your help I really appreciate it. I have just burned an audio compilation using Nero Express (MP3 disc). I take it that WAV files have to be encoded into MP3 (default 128) using the encode feature in Nero Buring ROM first. Hopefully these tracks will be read by my car CD player.

Do you know how to deal with files that are flac encoded. I have converted a flac Cd image to an MP3 image of an entire music album using a coversion programme. Can Nero/NeroExpress create an MP3 disc from a CD image that would play on a stand alone CD player or are image CD files treated as data?

Cheers again


I would have thought that converting a flac CD image to MP3 image was a pointless exercise as you’ll only get your 15-20 tracks on the CD. Whether what you’ve done will work, God only knows & as I’m not God I haven’t a clue.

What I would do would be to use foobar2000 ( which will convert to wav files (a lossless exercise ) which you then either burn an audio CD or combine this album with others as mp3 files to burn an MP3 CD with hundreds of tracks on it.

Any CD/DVD image will need to be mounted on a virtual drive (I use Daemon Tools as it’s free) & then rip the tracks from there.