How to get list of all DVD readers and DVD writers using Nero SDK?

I can’t get the correct list of DVD devices using the NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx function of NeroAPI. As I
understand, if I pass MEDIA_DVD_ANY as a first parameter, then I should get list of DVD drives (both
readers and writers). But I also get plain CD-ROM devices installed on the system in this list. What
am I doing wrong? I am using NeroSDK 1.01 and the Nero version is In general, I need to
list all DVD readers\writers and also only DVD writers. How can I do this using Nero API?

The media type argument of NeroGetAvailableDrivesEx is a little bit misleading. It is only to tell for which media the available speeds are calculated. Use the nsdiMediaSupport member of the NERO_SCSI_DEVICE_INFO structure to get the supported medias of a drive.
To check if a drive is a recorder or a readonly device, you can check the value of the nsdiDevType member.