How to get information abot media capacity



Hi everybody

I want to get information for every media that entered into burner drive:

  1. what is the media’s total capacity?
  2. how many bytes of media are in use?

how can i get it :confused: ?

thank you


Take a look at the NeroGetCDInfo API.

Retrieve a pointer to a NERO_CD_INFO structure for the specified device. The
allocated memory for the structure has to be freed by using NeroFreeMem. NULL
will be returned if an error occurred.
Note: When queried about DVD+RW media, most recorders will return the total
capacity of the media, even if parts of it already contain data.
Therefore, when dealing with DVD+RW media, NeroGetVMSInfo should be called
after NeroGetCDInfo. NeroGetVMSInfo returns a pointer to a NERO_VMS_INFO
structure. This structure contains the next writeable address in the
“nvmsiNextWriteableAddress” member. This information can be utilized to
determine what portion of the media already is in use.

And the NERO_CD_INFO structure:

typedef struct tag_NERO_CD_INFO
DWORD ncdiFreeCapacityInBlocks;
BOOL ncdiIsWriteable;
NERO_MEDIUM_TYPE ncdiMediumType;
char ncdiArtist[65];
char ncdiTitle[65];
DWORD ncdiAvailableEraseModes;
DWORD ncdiUnusedBlocks;
NERO_MEDIA_TYPE ncdiMediaType;
DWORD ncdiMediumFlags;
DWORD ncdiLayer0MaxBlocks;
DWORD ncdiTotalCapacity;
DWORD ncdiReserved[26];
DWORD ncdiNumTracks;
NERO_TRACK_INFO ncdiTrackInfos[1];

You may assume a block size of 2048 bytes for ISO data CDs. I do not know whether this applies also to other media/types.