How to get good TYG01 results?



Anyone getting good results with TYG01’s?

Found a store in Perth that sells THATS -R’s (I wanted +R’s but they cant get any at all)

Only done a couple of burns so far, but I end up with a massive block of errors at the beginning of the disc - then the rest is fine.
Kprobe + Nero scans are almost identical - and the transfer rate tests fail at start.
Im using a 812s@832s with VY58 with recommended tweaks enabled- at 4x.

If you are getting good results with these - how?

If you’re in Perth and know where +R TY’s are that would also help.


These guys have a firmware and utilities and I noticed that the 812S US0Q firmware has been modified to the G02 write strat. I would use the EEPROM utility to clear out your write history and then I would go back to the US0Q firmware with the codeguys hacks. Also be aware that people have had less than great results with G01 and Liteon.