How to get Flash objects to work with GeoCities

Yes, I am making a webpage using Dreamweaver. It is hosted on GeoCities. The problem is that the Flash content don’t show (buttons, title). What can be the problem? The page is

I just checked out the source code … everything still points to the directories on your home computer, and not the new directories on geocities. in example

<embed src="…/Program%20Files/Macromedia/Dreamweaver%204/Lessons/Lesson%20Files/button13.swf"

thats directly from your page. update all of your links of this sort, and it should all run great

cheers :slight_smile:

Oh damn, never thought of that kind of stuff. New to webpages. Well, thanx a lot for the advice.

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wow… what a random place to make a request… look for install.exe, install.msi autorun.exe or autorun.msi :wink: