How to get DVD files from non-finalized disc



Transferred some Super 8 movies to DVD using my Gateway AR 230. I did not finalize the disc and now I can’t get DVD Shrink or Decrypter to recognized the info on the disc.

Media is Memorex DVD+R. Pentium IV system, Windows XP and Sony DWD-22A drive.

DVDShrink Errof message is “unknown disc navigation system” or some such. Tried to finalize the disc in the AR 230 but it will not do it.

I don’t have the camera any longer to transfer the movies again. How can I finalize the disc or get the files to another program like Decrypter so that I can burn the files?



How did you transfer them to the DVD in the first place? Are you able to the files through Explorer?


You could transfer just the .vob files onto your hard drive, then use IfoEdit to make some new .ifo and .bup files. You’d have a set of files that you can burn onto a new DVD that will play in your dvd player.


Memorex discs are crap…but that doesn’t have anything to do with your problem.

DVD PC drives are very picky if the disc does not contain a valid (or contain) a lead-out. You’ll need to do what is known as a “Force TOC” read try ISObuster

If that doesn’t work, remember to keep a backup next time (or better yet first use the HDD never go directly to a DVD).


Thanks, I’ll lgive isobuster a trial first.


OK. I used isobuster successfully to retrieve file from the DVD that was unfinalized. Now how do I get that onto a DVD+R that I can send to relatives for viewing. The extracted files plays on the Nero showtime player but when I try to write it onto a new disk, I get roadblocks. How do I burn the extracted file onto a new DVD?




What file format are they they in?


I don’t know. I used the “Extract” command on isobuster to “extract” to my Video_TS folder. There are iso image files there and the symbol for this one is different - looks like a page ful of Microsoft symbols. Tried the properties, view detail etc. but I can’t find an extension. I do know that I can play the file on Media Player or Nerovision. So, does anyone know what the default file Extract format is for isobuster?


If you go into folder options, on the view tab, there is a check box that asks whether or not to hide file extensions. Make it is cleared. Hit apply. At the end of the files there should be an extension like file.mpg. file.avi, file.vob or something else.


It’s an easy way…here