How to get DVD fab to output a tivo comapatabile MPG file?

Is there an easy way to use DVD fab to output a MPG file that will work with TIVO desktop server to transfer the video file to a TIVO to then play the file?

TIVO just started supporting transferring mpg files at the right parameters that can be transferred to and played on a TIVO from a PC.

My camcorder used DVD-R’s and I would like the rip the DVD to my hard drive as a MPG file that will work with the TIVO transfer play scenario.

I see the ipod, psp and generic support in the new DVD FAB… Any way to get it to correctly build a mpg file that can be transferred to and played on a TIVO?

Does that make sense? this would be really cool to add to DVD fab or am I doing something wrong?


Which MPEG (MPG) does TIVO use?


Assuming this is the same gadget -

then this is what it supports in the specs. - I don’t know enough about the output of DVDFab to say what option might work for the Tivo.

Encoder/Decoder: Supports MPEG II - MP/ML for high quality digital television

This is directly from the supporrt site…

How to prepare MPEG-2 video files for transfer to a TiVo DVR using tivo desktop 2.2 or later:

Use a standard personal editing tool such as Sonic MyDVD, Adobe Premiere, or Nero to prepare a final cut of your video
Use the export/save as feature and choose MPEG-2 format. This is the standard format used by DVD players
Find the MPEG-2 encoding options and set them to the following parameters to ensure proper transfer and playback on TiVo DVRs:

Resolution 720 x 480, 704 x 480 (D1), 544 x 480 (3/4 D1), 480 x 480 (2/3 D1), and 352 x 480 (1/2 D1). The higher the resolution, the better the video quality and the larger the resulting file, which means longer transfer time and more disk usage on your PC and DVR.
Bit Rate 1 – 8 Mbps. The higher the bit rate, the better the video quality and the larger the resulting file. 4 Mbps is recommended for high-quality video.
Frame Rate 29.97 (standard NTSC). Do not try any different frame rates.
Aspect Ratio 4:3 (recommended) or 16:9
Audio MPEG-1 Layer 2 for TiVo DVRs without DVD; AC/3 (Dolby) for TiVo DVRs with DVD.

… Still wondering if anyone has sugestions? I see the ipod, psp and generic support in the new DVD FAB… Any way to get DVD FAB to correctly build a mpg file with the above noted specs that can be transferred to and played on a TIVO?

Check out this site:

Hope it helps…

thanks for the link, but that solution has too many steps. DVDFAB Platinum programers should be able to get this added as a DVD to Mobile option if they want to get interest from some of the 4 million tivo users that also have PC’s

It appears I just DONATED $49.99 to the DVDFab project and will get nothing in return. As far as I can tell NONE of the output Frame Resolution sizes available with DVDFab support those required for TiVo - regardless of the codec used. I also pretty much wasted an entire day on this. ARGH!!!

All I want to do is copy some DVDs I own onto my TiVo. There is no DMCA in Canada that legally prevents me from doing this but near as I can tell there is no way to do this with DVDFab (without using some other program to translate DVDFab’s output into the required frame resolution).


Guys, for what its worth, I solved my problem … and it has nothing to do with DVDFAb Platinum. For details of my problem/resolution, you can read about it here:

I’m going to play around with it to set it up for optimal TiVo files. But I’d love for DVDFAb to include a TiVo-specific profile. Or, if someone can point me to a tutorial on how to create profiles for DVDFab, perhpas I’ll take a kick at creating one for Tivo.


OK, I can’t edit any posts above. For TiVo users wanting the solution, goto this thread:

Bottom Line: DVDFab Platinum is fast and works GREAT when you using the vob passthrough method described in that thread.

sumary of fix -dvdfab to tivo VOB Passthrough can be accessed two ways:

First is as the bottom choice in the Generic Device drop down, the second is to add it as a standalone device using the Customize UI in Common Settings (click the little gear icon to access). This profile (VOB) has no user settings but should work with the TiVo software for most NTSC Region 1 DVDs. The files will be big. I will try to make some TiVo profiles for H264 or MPEG-4 over the weekend.
When DVDFab finishes, just change the file suffix from .VOB to .MPG for tivo desktop 2.2 transfer

Again, the second method, for the benefit of other TiVo users, here’s what you need to do after clicking on the Cog:

  • click on the CUstom UI under the General “tab”
  • Click on the “New” button under “Option”
  • Click on the Vob option that appears in the Available Options
  • Click on the “>>” to move it to the Options to Display window

Two new “TiVo Mpeg2” and “TiVo Mpeg4” profiles would be a Huge benefit to us TiVo users.

I don’t mind the large Mpeg 2 file for now. I won’t keep it long. Just long enough to transfer it to my TiVo S2 then I’ll delete it off my PC because I could recreate it any time I needed.

Once the S3 supports file transfers from the desktop to the TiVo (supposed to be any time now), you can redo it all with a Mpeg-4 profile.