$How to get DVD/CD Raw Data(DVD Lead-in District) as following showed in NeroCDSpeed?



How to get DVD/CD Raw Data(DVD Lead-in District) with Nero API as following showed in Nero CD Speed??

Raw Data include DVD Manufacture ID etc info,before burn CD,these data is exist!!!

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you’ve already been told multiple itmes not to cross post, not to bribe forum members, and not to include your email address in posts.

are you asking how to find the media data?

download nero cd-dvd speed, insert a blank disc, then click the “disc info” tab.

if english is not your native language then check to see if there is a forum for your language if that is the problem because the question is still rather unclear.


$100,How to get DVD/CD Raw Data(DVD Lead-in) as following shown in Nero CD Speed??

Nero API ??

DVD/CD Raw Data(DVD Lead-in) include Manufacture ID etc. info,before burning,these info is exist!!
or any other method to get Raw Data?

DVD/CD Raw Data(DVD Lead-in) as following Picture shown in Nero CD Speed

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Email: jenifftan2004@hotmail.com


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I’m not 100% sure but I think that information is already on the blank disks when you buy them in a read only header area.

That’s how the drive knows what speeds / formats the disk supports.


Different drive have different abilities to read the Lead-In data. For example, here’s a burned DVD+R with booktype set to DVD-ROM in my three drives

#1 - Toshiba DVD-ROM
#2 - BenQ 1640
#3 - Plextor 712A

As you can see the the burners can read more of the info than the reader. But even burners have different abilities.

Try the disk in another drive with cd-dvdspeed to see if you can get the lead-In data (or at least some of it)


Sorry, I misunderstood the question, I thought they wanted to be able to write this information.

Will NeroGetCDInfo(…) not return most of the information that is displayed in Nero CD/DVD Speed? Or does that not work with blank media?