How to get DTS audio during playback of ratDVD file, preferrably, in SPDIF pass-thru?

Is there any way to get DTS audio in SPDIF pass-thru to the receiver while watching a ratDVD file? The older version of AC3Filter (70b) doesn’t support DTS and the newer beta version don’t support SPDIF pass thru. My primary means of playback is MCE 2005 but that is wholly dependent on Windows Media Player, so if there’s a way to enable DTS SPDIF on MP then it will work on MCE. Also, I know that ratDVD settings have an SPDIF option but for whatever reason it does not support DTS.

So besides help in getting this to work, does anyone out there playback ratDVD files via MCE 2005 that:
A)have a DTS audio track in the file
B)have your system speakers hooked up to a digital receiver via digital cable (optical or coax)
C)have DTS pass thru working with the receiver doing the decoding?

If so, can you please post your system specs, setup, and driver versions?