How to get cheap, low quality media for testing purposes?

Where can I deliberately get low quality discs with the lowest price per unit?
Of course, not for data preserval purposes, but for testing and experimenting.

On eBay, I got 10 CD-RW for €1. But I can not find DVDs (12cm, 8cm) in that price range of 10ct per piece.
There are 100 CD-Rs with printing errors (that do not bother me) for €7.

What are the cheapest DVDs? Are there other places than eBay for extremely cheap media?

You should write in which country you live.

In germany the cheapest price is actual 0,16€ for DVD, if you buy 1 100pcs cakebox

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In the USA you can get down to around $0.12 per disc if you look for sales on Newegg, Microcenter etc.

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