How to get burns with PO errors < 2?

hi, it’s always been an elusive goal as I try to get burn with minimal errors with PO <= 2 with no success from the BTC drive, that’s why I bought the 3500 because some of the excellent burns posted, the other drive that shows similiar success is the Pioneer, but I need the bitsetting that’s why I chose the 3500, for example somebody burned a Ritek G04 with PO <= 2, yet the result from my burn of the free Newegg pack which is G04 does not have the same result, it’s not bad but I am trying to make the PO<=2

could somebody tell me what I did wrong? I put the drive in the slave slot, would that be the reason, the firmware I use is 2.c8, thanks

The newegg g04’s are crap media b or c grade not near as good as the A grade g 04 …
I also don’t see anything wrong with your burn above… there are no PO failures at all on the scan… what exactly are you trying get get under 2… the pi failures spikes… if so burn the neweggs at 4x in the nec 3500 that Is the speed I am using them up at and they get great scans… but your scan above is fine and will not cause any problems so I wouldn’t worry about it… what speed did you burn at???

here are one of the newegg g04’s burnt at 4x

I believe they are getting the PO number less than 4 since that seems to be conventional wisdom for PI/PO goals for a good burn. PI < 280 and PO < 4. It is possible to see the PO failure output in DVDInfoPro or KProbe? I had not used the Nero tool before and it seems like the “PO Failure” report is a useful marker for a readable burn.

thanks for your reply lgkahn,

you said: “what exactly are you trying get get under 2”

I am trying to get the pi failures under 2

you are right my burn is pretty good and plays with no problem on new dvd player, but I am trying to get it like your burn, to realize the full potential of this drive, I think I burned mine at 2x, I may be wrong thinking slower is better, so I am going to try at 4x

while my G04 burn is not bad, it does not play well in my old Samsung DVD-709, with quite a bit of video freezing and audio ticks, and I think if I can get burns like yours, it will play perfect in the Samsung


Your scan is not that great because you have many spikes in PIF over 12, considering that 4 is max.

Isolated spikes are not significant but in this case there are quite a few.

I would suggest that you do a transfer rate tests as a complement to quality test. I find that sometimes this test will show that readability is bad independently of PIF low or high level.
Both tests are required if you want to be quite sure your disk can be read w/o problems.

In transfer rate test, the curve must go up regularly without tortuous sections to the maximum reading speed of your drive.

(Was the blank disc clean before burning ?)