How to get better Quality FULL BACKUPS w/dvd2one

ok, the trick here is to run the extras thru dvd2one and choose something like half of what the original size is, this is to make more room for the main movie (i know its gonna look crappy but better the extras then the movie).

after you run all the extras thru dvd2one. check the new size of the total extras and run the main movie thru dvd2one, choose custom size and use this formula to calculate the new movie size:

4472 mbs - movie extras size = 3520 (exampele only).

then when its done:
run ifoedit. and open up the main movie vob and choose vob extras button and fix the ifo like that.

and finaly clikc on get VTS sectors and then you got yourself a better looking full backup (or mostly full) in a fraction of the time that it takes ic 7 to do.

enyway this is not a step by step guide but i think you guys know what im talking about.

I am thinkiing of writing a program, kind of like a wizard to make it eazyer to do the prossess… but i dont know if i am yet.:stuck_out_tongue:

If you can make front end that’s easy use then go for it! That way they focus on quality while we figure out how we want to utilize the program.

Why cannot someone put the ultimate guide together on this?

Don’t assume that everbody knows how to handle the different little helpprograms. (IfoEdit, IfoUpdate, etc)