How to get an AVI(716mb) to CD

How do I get an AVI video thats between 716 and 699mb on a CD? I use nero 7 but it says i am over the limit…Thx

699 is too big.
712MB is too big.

… for a standard CD.

You can comfortably squeeze 698MB’s onto a 80 minute CD.
You can buy a 90Min CDR which is outside of the specifications & may or may not work with your burner & intended reader.

You can try overburning on an 80min (700MB) CD and any burner released in the last 5 years should be capable of overburning.
Any decent software should let you overburn. Adaptec/Roxio software is not decent.

In nero, just go to your options & tick “allow overburning of CD’s”.

Otherwise, just use a DVD.

Try to use “OverBurn” function may be that will do it.