How to get a the best quality of RMVB file?

i facing an issue.
i want to convert a TV series file “stargate atlantis” come with rmvb format.

After convert with CovertXToDVD the image a bit shrink and the pic quality,well,is not good as i watch on pc.
Once i try to adjust the shrink image using the zoom function on my Dvd standalone it’s gets worse :frowning:

I know the quality of source is important in order to produce a quality Dvd.

But i just request the quality same as i watch on the pc before convert.
Can ConvertXToDvd software do it ?

How to avoid the image shrink after convert ?
I use Auto setting coz i don’t know which to select 16 : 9 / 4 : 3

p/s : Each of my rmvb file size not more than 200mb,It’s a TV rip.

rmvb is not good for DVD conversion. It is designed for small videos to be packed efficiently for sending over internet.

Thx for your explain,JJ
So what you mean is this kind of file is not good for conversion,what about if i convert it and put in the i-pot or mp4 player.
will it be better ?

:frowning: i hav complete download season 1 & 2 … re-download again :sad: nah… :disagree:

Those files are great for iPod or mp4 player - screensize is so small that you can’t tell the difference.