How to get a quality conversion from Divx AVI to MPEG2


I could really do with some suggestions on this one.

I’m using a Plextor ConvertX M402U to capture DIVX and MPEG2 video from LD and VHS sources. I find that it does a great job of encoding both except for an occasional out-of-order frame sequence in the MPEG2. Depending on where the error occurs, it can be benign, or VERY annoying.

Although the DIVX output appears flawless (great image and sound) it has two drawbacks in that I can only play it on one of my DVD players, and I’m unable to author menus and chapter markers.

So I would love to find out how to author the DIVX files (any suggestions?), but I also see the DIVX files as the solution to the MPEG2 capture problem. If I can find a way to make a high quality conversion from the captured DIVX to DVD compatible MPEG2, then I could avoid the frame aberration and get clean authored DVDs. The conversion must also preserve audio track quality and synchronism.

I tried IMToo DIVX to MPEG2, but the output quality wasn’t there. Then I read CCE Basic is supposed to be good. So, I downloaded the “30 day trial” version from

Problem is my template inputs don’t seem to make any difference and it consistently screws up the audio (tried 2 pass CBR with System Stream and audio at 48KHz sampling, also 8Kbps Vs 6Kbps and one notch higher quality than middle setting). My Divx files are the highest HQ w/ MP2 my ConvertX can deliver and they look and sound great when played directly.

The CCE Basic MPEG2 video output may be similar quality to the source Divx, but I’m not sure and I’m unable to successfully try different settings (also, the trial only allows conversion of 3 minute segments). Plus, as I said, it wrecks the sound (need to be able to verify both sound quality and A/V synchronism). So at the moment, I’m stuck on that package.

Can anyone give me any suggestions for a good solution?

Number 1 goal is to convert HQ DIVX w/ MP2 to HQ MPEG2 w/ equivalent audio.

Number 2 goal is to learn how to author DIVX (ie. set chapter markers).

Preference of course is to use freeware or at least inexpensive ware :).

Thanks for any and all help – Trevor

See the tutorial section. I explain there how to use DVD2SVCD to convert youir AVI’s to quality DVD’s. The Tute is set around using CCE ver 2.50 or 2.67 (not compatable with CCEBasic) and you should be able to find demos of these encoders about.

Thanks for the input :)!

Spent some more time last night with CCE Basic (2.70) and determined my settings were being accepted, they just weren’t making any difference. Output video quality seems OK, but the audio appears hopeless.

Funny, I tried running it on a downloaded DIVX AVI movie file and the audio was perfect, but the picture was gutted. Both Divx files play flawlessly on Windows Media Player. Guess I’m not buying CCE Basic – they’re right, 3 minutes is all that’s needed to tell it’s a disaster.

I actually looked at the tutorial, but was thinking the 2.70 CCE Basic should be a better choice than the older CCE 2.50 (and also had authoring in mind). However, CCE Basic has been a waste of time.

I found and downloaded CCE 2.50 (also DVD2SVCD) and will see where that gets me. Really seems strange that CCE Basic can’t handle my Mpeg Layer 2 Audio though – thought that would be a given. IMToo had no problem with the sound at all.

Thanks – Trevor