How to get a print on a normal CD?

Hi, I want to print a picture on a normal CD. So, I dont want to use white CD’s or silver coloured. I want the white part on the image on my computer to be transparent on the CD so you can see the reflective aluminium. An example of a normal CD with black prints:

I’m not an expert, but to do what you want, I think you would have to use either screen printing or thermal printing. Good luck.

Does just printing with a normal printer work on a normal CD?
Because I want this picture on the CD:

You will need a thermal transfer printer or other dedicated printer capable of printing on a smooth disc surface. You cannot simply use a normal inkjet printer, even one intended for disc printing, since this requires a special inkjet surface.

There are some professional thermal transfer printers that can print on the entire disc surface, and these don’t make any sense to buy unless you have a professional need for disc printing. There are also some “disc title printers” that use thermal transfer to print a single-colour text or image label on a small area of the disc.

Casio have some Disc Title Printers.

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I’ve been printing directly onto CDs for some time now but have always been disappointed when attempting to reproduce a CD label that was printed onto the silver surface. Now I have bought some full-face silver printable CDs (Datawrite Titanium 52x) from UKDVDR at £9.99 for a 100 tub plus postage. They are terrific and produce an extremely professional looking CD, albeit with a slightly matte finish.
I quickly discovered it was a waste of time scanning the original disk to obtain a printable image since the scanner always interprets what it sees in the same way the human eye does, i.e., with coloured striations (rainbow effect) and the silver is rendered as white.
So now I’ve started to recreate the covers from scratch using Serif PagePlus 8. The completed CD label is Exported as a picture file (usually JPEG) and then loaded into Epson CD print to print to the CD in my Epson Stylus Photo R300. Let me just say that I am delighted with the quality.
I’ll try to take a decent photo of my latest effort and post it back here.