How to get a good burn of TYG01 in 1640?

I got the 1640 a couple weeks back and knowing it likes TY media, I stocked up on T02 (DVD+R) and TYG01(DVD-R). Had I done more research, I’d probably have bought the TYG02 instead of TYG01. But, I had excellent results with the TYG01 in my previous NEC burner, and I wanted to save some money, so I got the TYG01 :o :doh:

The 1640 burns the YUDEN T02 great. I get quality scores of 98 and 99 consistently. But the TYG01 is not that good in the 1640. I searched this forum but didn’t find much information on it either except that previous FWs didn’t support 4X media. Is that still the case?

Over the last week, I tried BSLB, BSMB and even BEFB. I tried 10 discs, and got five completed burns and five coasters :frowning:

Here is what I found (same for all three FWs):
Any speed with WOPC OFF = Coaster (Burn fails towards the end)
4X Speed with WOPC/SB/OS all ON = Coaster (Burn fails at around 90% everytime)
8X Speed with WOPC/SB/OS all ON = Successful Burn
4X Speed with WOPS/SB ON and OS OFF = Successful Burn

When the burn completes, I get a quality score of 93 to 95, but the scan shows significant error clusters that make me think that the media is not gonna be readable beyond a few months. (Note: scans in follow-up posts).

I would very much like to get clean burns like the T02. In fact, I’ve seen some people post very nice burns with the TYG01 and 1640. I’d appreciate it if you can share more info on how got them. Here is an example:
TYG01 and 1640 - A nice clean burn with a QS of 99%

Will a start-swap with TYG02 or TYG03 help?
What is FW works best with TYG01, at what speed and WOPC/SB/OS settings?
What software do you use to burn? (I use DVDDecrypter)

Any tips/suggestions will be greatly appreciated :flower:


BSLB at 8X with WOPC/SB/OS all ON

BSMB at 4X with WOPC/SB ON and OS OFF

1st Scan - BEFB at 8X with WOPC/SB/OS all ON
2nd Scan - BEFB at 4X with WOPC/SB ON and OS OFF

In the over all world those scans are not that bad :iagree:

my 1640 burns TYG01 very well.
thing is - i don’t burn anymore with the 1640 once i found that my car dvd player does not “like” burns made on the 1640.
now it is just a cd burner and dvd reader.


I think your scans show a substandard batch of TYG01. Have a look at how the jitter jumps in the area of the PIF spike/thickness areas. This almost certainly indicates a slight warp in the disc. As the disc rotates, the warped area is not as in clear focus as the other areas of the disc. Getting that many PIFs in areas with so few PIEs is not a good sign because it means that the problem areas are more than just the usual, random PIEs seen on most burns.

Jitter influences PIE/PIF, not the other way around.

This batch could have been mishandled (dropped, stored on their side for a long time) between the factory and you. You might try contacting Taiyo Yuden for a replacement.


I just installed my 1640 yesterday and let me tell ya, I am not pleased with the way it handles TYG01 at all. First thing, NONE of the FW supports this media so there isnt any way to do a Strat Swap. Second I can not even insert a TYG01 into my drive with BSMB and OS active. This causes my machine to lock up and I have to hard boot to recover. I dont know if it is related to BSMB or QSuite 2.1, but someone at BenQ should fix this problem yesterday. It just doesnt make sense to me that BenQ would leave this quality media out to dry. The 1620 supports this media type and does very well with it. I can understand that the market is moving on past the 4x media, but come on now, this is Taiyo Yuden we are talking about here, not some unknown, unproven junk.

I can still burn this media, only thing is why make me do it at 4x speed, 15 minutes to burn a dvd, this is not cool at all, especially when the 1620 will cook this stuff with great results.

here is a scan of a 4x on 1640 everything on except OS
burn time 15:39

While you can’t technically do a write strat “swap” since there isn’t one in the first place, you can assign an existing one to this MID. :stuck_out_tongue:

Just select the write strategy you want in MCSE and change the MID to what you want it to be in right hand pane. Then click set, and you have a new MID on the table!

It works for me assigning RICOHJPNR03 strat to RICOHJPNR01 on my 1640. :slight_smile:

Tried something a little different, used the import with DVD identify and changed some no name mid. Then went and changed TYG01 to TYG02 strat, I havent tried it yet since the overspeed option problem I am having. Thanks for the info, it is appreciated.

I think you maybe right ftp, I might have got a bad batch on my hands. I already contacted the vendor (shop4tech), they are willing to send a replacement, but the return shipping would make it more expensive than buying TYG02 in the first place - and there is no guarantee that the replacements would be any better.

I will take my NEC2510 out from the closet, reinstall it and burn a test disc. The NEC gave me excellent burns with TYG01 over the last one year. If it burns this batch fine, then fault is with 1640 - if not then I will know for sure that the media is substandard.

Maybe I will unload them on eBay :wink:

Thanks for the reply.

That’s very nice scan, I’d be happy if I got something similar with my TYG01. I don’t really care about the 4X burn time, as long the result is fine.

Hmm, maybe I’ll try that. But not right now. I don’t want any more coasters.
It especially gets to me that these are supposed to be the best media… grrr :a

I’ll wait for a while and see if a better fw comes along - or crankydan tries it first and posts the results :wink:

I’m not a big fan of mail-order media for just this reason. Sure, they’ll refund … and FedEx gets rich off you in the meantime.

I will take my NEC2510 out from the closet, reinstall it and burn a test disc. The NEC gave me excellent burns with TYG01 over the last one year. If it burns this batch fine, then fault is with 1640 - if not then I will know for sure that the media is substandard.

Bad jitter is the one quality that should transcend the burner you’re using and show up on all burners - if the media really is to blame. Testing media in a second drive is the only way to be sure. Bad PIE and PIF scores can be down to bad individual drive strategies, but jitter is supposed to say something about the physical condition of the disc.

Maybe I will unload them on eBay :wink:

I’m not a big fan of eBay for just this reason. :wink:

Please let us know how the NEC does with it. BTW, those other posts about BSLB lacking a TYG01 strat make a lot of sense, too.

Thanks for the reply.


I too am totally unable to get any TYG01 discs to even start a burn without getting an error message on my 1640 - and have totally given up trying to write to them-

However - it must be a -R thing - 'cause my Ricoh 4x +R medias burn very well - see my thread here:

And scroll down to where I post the 1640 results-


I have 3 x 1640/BEFB drives and with OS/WOPC/SB on I get consistent 96-97 TYG01 burns at 8x.


You are indeed blessed-

Wish that I could do that-


Whats your secret??? What version of QSuite do you use? I dont know what else to try, if there is any hope at this point.

the problem could also lie within your computer. eliminate all possible sources of EMI, get better cables, and DO NOT USE your computer while burning. Don’t play games in the background.
Also, check to see if it’s the BURNER or the READER function that’s goofy. Put the drive into another computer & test it. eliminate some variables.

I agree. Too many of us are getting typical results like this: