How to get a free iRiver U10 in Hong Kong

I just posted the article How to get a free iRiver U10 in Hong Kong.

 So, you  want to buy the new iRiver U10 (512MB) but your finances are not that good.  iRiver Hong Kong has the solution - get one for free! This weird promotion,  named U10 Click Play...
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Not even a 10% discount for me :frowning:

middle finger is too short :wink:

Gee, my size 10 shoes saved me 10%…whoopee.

oooh…my name has 10 “alphabets” :wink:

Sweet I get 20% off…if I lived in Hong Kong hah

hmmm i satisfy 2 of the condition… 2/10 do i get own 2/10 of a iriver?:g

I wear size 10, one of my fingers is 10cm … i mite be able to get 10x$10HKD … but … i’m not in HK u see :stuck_out_tongue:

Iriver is pissed off at Samsung because Samsung’s helping Apple, Iriver’s biggest competitor. :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Born in October 2. Born at 10th day of the month 3. Sum of date of birth is 10 Points 1 & 2 are Mutually exclusive with point 3. Besides that, assuming your finger was 10cms long, you would be unusually large, hence you can almost guarantee that you don’t wear size 10 shoes. Besides, size 10 in Hong Kong (I suspect they us the UK rating since they are used to be a province of the UK) is different to size 10 in the US, something that I’m sure they’ll argue over to avoid an extra 10% off. “Win a Free Iriver” promotion is typical chinese marketting, aka crap.