How to get a batch of multiple small files onto dvd?

Hello cdfreaks

I’m making the transition from using a cdwriter to dvd burning, I’m o’k getting a single large file onto a dvd, but I’ve also tons of assorted small files I want to burn and am having trouble with encoding/authoring them in a large batch. [for these optimum quality isn’t a priority]

Previously if I wanted to burn a large number of assorted small files onto one cdr as svcd
I’d just bung them all into nero burning rom and it would do everything necessary and burn the finished result after encoding had finished.
It always went glitch free and was easy.

Not so with dvd, I’ve tried using nerovision for the whole process and it either won’t encode the assortment of files which are mainly a mix of mpgs and avi’s or the finished dvd has audio for some clips but not with others when played back in pc or standalone dvd player

Then I tried vso divx2dvd and it accepted all the files but would never complete the encoding process or would produce a similar mixed result for audio on the finished burnt result.

How do I quickly and easily get a huge batch of assorted files onto a dvd [not data]


The first thing I would do is update nero if you have not already. Earlier versions of nero 6 had a lot of issues with encoding diffrent file types. I think they have the majority of the problems fixed in nero 6.6. Unfortunatlly, my experience has been the same as yours when trying to convert many diffrent file types in one shot. I have yet to find an all in one shot program like nero that is up to the task. Your only choice may be to convert files individually and then assemble them into dvd format. It will give good results but is not quick and easy like nero (it was too much trouble for me so I didn’t bother).
Here are a couple of things that might help though. First, update nero like I said. Second, if you have a lot of files and are having problems with a group of files, don’t sit thier continuing to try those files. Move on to other files. I fought with nero and wasted a lot of time trying to do this, just to realize that when I moved on to other files, thier were actually just a few files that gave nero problems. I was able to burn a lot of the stuff I had with no problems. Getting a lot of your stuff burned onto dvd is much beter than getting none of it done. Also if it doesn’t matter what order they go in or whats on what disk, try to group similar file types together for a particular conversion session. Nero seems to do much beter when there are not too many file types at one time. Maybe if you get lucky like I did, you can get most of your stuff burned with nero. As for the rest (files that nero has problems with), you can try one of the other all in one programs that work similar to nero. Not that they are beter than nero, but sometimes nero will like files they dont and sometimes they will like files nero doesn’t. If several fail, you might have to do some the hard way. Keep in mind, if these are avi files from the internet, p2p or torrents, it is possible that thier is some coruption to the file that is causing problems even if it seems to play fine. If 9 out of 10 files are good, it might be worth trying to get another copy of that 10th file. Unfortunatlly, if nero hits a bad file, it will usally stop so you don’t know if the rest are good. About all I know to do is try again and omit the file it got stuck on, or move on to the next group of files.
I know that didn’t give you a solution to your problem, but hopfully it will help a little.

Fyi if multiple programs are having problems with a group of files, it is liklly that thier is some file coruption (or maybe missing codec’s but usally you will get a specific error about unsuported file format if it is a codec problem).

Thanks a lot ripit, I appreciate your detailed reply.

I’ve had no reponse at all elsewhere, I’d have thought lots of people would have huge numbers of small files on their HD unless they have laboriously joined and converted them. lol
[When it does accept files for conversion nero automatically does a far cleaner job than any joiner]

You’re right it is too time consuming preparing individual files for dvd
I’ve thousands :smiley:

Seems to me that nero is more picky when converting to dvd than it is svcd.

I was coming to similar conclusions to yours about just burning selective batches of small files - another irritation that compounds matters is that nerovision seems to like jumbling up the file order if I throw a whole load into it at once.

Another question:
If for example i have half a dozen medium sized files already converted and ready for burning onto one dvd, how do I load them all into nero burning rom it only seems to accept one set of vobs & whatnots into one VIDEO_TS folder .


I haven’t actually done that before but my guess would be only put one set into the VIDEO_TS folder. Have each VIDEO_TS folder contained in a folder with the name of the file so you have several named folders, each with a VIDEO_TS folder and one set of files. Then open nero start smart and look fo the “copy multiple dvd-video movies to one” option. You should then be able to import each one and make menus.

Thanks ripit I’ll try that out over the weekend.

Yes that does the trick thankyou for pointing out that option.
It is very simple to do.

The first part of the process you outlined re folders had already been done automatically by divx2dvd
So it’s just a matter of adding the folders to the compilation in nero recode and if they go a bit over over the size limit for one dvd,
recode can automatically reduce the quality to fit. Tho’ I’ll try to avoid that if possible !

I get it now !!!
For cds, svcds, data dvd and single dvd movie files I could work directly with the nero burning rom interface - which was my old preference.
For converting multiple files to dvd I need either nerovision or recode.

I haven’t made any further experiments with loading huge batches into nerovision yet, but I’ll let you know if I come up with any discoveries.

One last thing. The final dvd will only have the quality of the original file, which very well might not be dvd quality. You might actually be able to let nero reduce the quality one step (I think it can go three steps) and not notice any quality loss as the originals may be less than dvd quality. that is just something that you would have to try and compare though. If you want to play it safe, don’t let it reduce quality.

Unfortunately nerovision is a pain !
first I tried nve2 [which didn’t inport files in order] then nve 3 [which did keep the files in order]
It freezes at different stages of transcoding if it doesn’t like a file it itself has already accepted, so after removing the file it didn’t like, it then becomes trial and error transcoding again to find the next one it takes exception to.
Meanwhile the hours pass…

The other thing it does is just suddenly switch itself off and vanishes without trace.
I’ve just this minute discovered a patch that is mean’t to cure the latter, I’ll give it one more go transcoding before I bin it.

I’ve searched the web and these seem to be fairly common problems with it.

Any alternatives that do the same thing?

The only way to avoid these problems is to do it that had way. Individually convert each file, then, asseble the dvd structure including menues. It is actually, the beter way to go, but it’s not plug and play like nero. If you want plug and play (just pick some files and make a dvd for me instead of me doing all the steps myself), ners good. Other programs have worked with files nero doesn’t like, but the results are not as good.
It is not that hard to do it the hard way…, and thier are mostlly freware programs avalabled. Just plan on a giant learning curve (you will use several programs, and once you learn to use them, it will get VERY easy). It is just a matter of learning to use them (thier are plenty of step, by step guides for each program…

Do the files have to be dvd compliant? If not just burn as a data disk. It is much easier, less time comsuming as making SVCD or dvd compliant and will play back on pc just fine. If you have to convert I would suggest trying TMPGEnc PLus and DCD Author if you have to make it DVD compliant.

Thankyou both, I’m fine using other convertors for larger files.
but they aren’t an efficient solution for tons of indifferent quality files under 2.5mb

At last !!!
I’m now getting somewhere with nve since I installed the patch

I successfully loaded a trial run of a mere 33 slightly larger files into nve3 and it actually transcoded them (about half a dvd’s worth) without a glitch, whereas before it had switched itself off on the same batch

These were single titles, the next step is to load many small series of files and see if it transcodes o’k afer merging them.

This patch is obviously necessary for many users from what I’ve seen with a websearch & the fact that it is on the nero website - hope it helps someone else who is tearing their hair out with nve - spread the word. :smiley: