How to get a 1:1 with alcohol

I’m trying to copy HALO Combat evolved and BattleFeild Vietnam i’ve looked around and i see they use safedisk (forgot the version) but in Alcohol I choose Safedisk and i click next then when its copying I keep getting “read error: 890” , “read error: 904”, and just on and on… how do i copy this?I’m trying right now to just copy from one drive to the HDD then i’ll copy it from there to the same drive

This is what I have
Alcohol 1.9.2 build 1705
Lite-On LTR-52327S 52x32x52
Samsung CDRW/DVD SM-308b 8x4x32x8x

could i get quick HOW-TO? or my a slap if its a simple little mistake

those are read errors on the disc that alcohol is reading. check to make sure that the disc doesn’t have any scratches or defects on the disc.

the safedisk protection always shows error when you read a disk…so don’t worry

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as therockscott and damiandimitri read errors starting around 1000 till 10000 are normal for SafeDisc protected games. Using your LiteOn in combination with Alcohol SafeDisc profile reading and writing at slow speed like 4x should end in an ‘1:1’ backup. Don’t forget to hide ATIP otherwise the games won’t run from your CDRW drives. Good luck :).

hey yeah, i found another post that stated that the read errors were normal so in a way you answered my question without doing anything. Whats ATIP? Guess i hid it because the games run fine

Some programs ask the writer what kind of cd is inside the drive (a blank or a pressed disc). This is the so-called ATIP check which can only be performed by cd writers and combo drives. In case the ATIP check reveals that there is a blank in the drive, the program refuses to run.

Go to Emulation anc check ‘Hide CDR Media’ than ATIP can’t be read :).