How to get 750 MB on 74min/650MB CD-R



I just posted the article How to get 750 MB on 74min/650MB CD-R.

Yesterday we opened our Audio Forum and one of the first posting was already very intresting. little-endian
made a thread with an explanation how to fit 750 MB on a 74min/650MB CD-R. This by…

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There was a time floppies and tapes were too expensive, so magazines would give software in paper format :r and you had to scan the pages using a silly ancient scanner and the pages were full with blurred black stripes… What does this mean? Now you can buy an 80’ blank and even overburn up to 830MB or more, or get a 99’ blank if your burner supports them and get the job done. :9 And all this at a cost of a peanut :8 So, in a world of such excellence, little-endian’s monomania can be a sign of a slipped mind :9


I don’t know if I’ll ever use it, BUT talk about interesting file encryption:+ Have you got anything you want to hide:4


this is old stuff


hm, i burnt a cd this way and wanted to exchange the vxd with the .wav reading one… but I happened to find out that XP has no such file :frowning: Ideas?:slight_smile:


Hey everybody. It’s people with minds like him who invented most of the usefull stuff out here. Always keep trying to push the boundaries Keep it up little endian


Hmm, and then we can MP3 the audio track and compress 10x as much data on a regular CD! :9 lol


Hey, this doesn’t sound exactly like useful stuff, it looks more like the inventions of Donald Duck :stuck_out_tongue:


Interesting topic… I am too lazy to spend so much time just to get that extra space. I think I will just stick to normal operation.


I don’t think you would want to MP3 an Audio file that contained actual data. First you’d probably never get your data back, and two, if you did, who knows what it would throw out. Remember MP3s work by getting rid of what most people can’t hear anyway. Sort of. Second. This would be cool, but the Audio CD’s I make on my burner don’t last as long because of the reduction in error correction codes. That’s all I know.


Hi… if you cant read the audio track as a file, try making a video CD and then you can directly open the DAT file from explorer i am trying right now, by copying some pieces of an mpeg to the start and end of an archive file


Euhm would is not be easiers to write it as a VCD? That one is without subchannel data too…