How to Get 5 Channel Sound

Hey Guys.

Im Converting DiVX > DVD. And am trying to get full 5 channel sound for my Home Theater. Currently I’m only getting 2 Channels (Left,Right).

I currently use VDub to Extract > .WAV , and then use AC3Enc to Encode to .AC3.

Please Help!

Thanks Guys…


If there is only info for 2 channels in the included audio stream in your divx file you can’t pull the other 3 channels out of the air. The info needs to be there first.


This method does work:

do a Google search to find the Emigrator VST.

On step 1 I turn the volume all the way up, it seems to boost the rear channel output.

I then take the single wav file output and encode with BeSweet and boost by a factor of 6 to 8 to increase the overall volume.

I have tried AC3Enc, Surcode, and Digigram enc… but I have found the above to be the best method. I have yet to find a good way to increase the volume through the rear channels, but this method does at least get about 40% through the rear. I wish there was an easier way… but I have yet to find one.