How to get 3 movies on one disc

Hi, anyone know if there’s a post or step by step guide showing the way u can fit a few movies onto one dvd disc when making back up’s? I’ve searched, but obviously never found what I was looking for!

Oh yeah, also a way to make a menu for each movie or compliation?

Thanks, Greg.

Try TMPGEnc DVD Author.

With this you can import as many movie you want, create menus, and also modify/create chapters on each movie imported.

Sounds great.

Thanks, Greg.

you’re welcome

are you trying to fit three full-length dvd-format movies onto a single dvd? if so, you’ll run into horrible picture quality unless you do some kind of format conversion (such as to divx/xvid), although the resulting files wouldn’t be playable in every dvd player.

Ah, thought that might be the case. I have a few dvd’s which have 2 movies per disc. These were shop bought & just wondered if I could do the same with my back up’s!

Always worth asking.

Thanks, Greg.

lol this topic is from 2005