How to get 2500a back to 2500a firmware



My 2500a was flashed with 3500a firmware, now I can’t get it back to stock. I try a 2500a flash and it says it can’t flash a 3500a with the current file. I know I mistakenly flashed it with the 3500, but how did it accept the wrong flash and not let me get it back to factory?


It is possible to easily manipulate an existing firmware to make it flashable on a different drive. Flashing back is a bit more tricky as you need to modify the software needed for flashing. At one place you need to issue a 3500 command because you have a 3500 firmware, but your drive is still recognized as a 2500 at other places.

I guess I could provide you with a modified version of Binflash that allows you to flash back to 2500. Just drop me your eMail address in a PM.


any downside to just staying with the 3500 firmware? Though I would like to get back to 2500 to try some the the modified bins. Sending you a pm


I don’t think you will be able to burn a disc with a 3500 firmware on a 2500 drive at all.


Could be a nice test :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel free to do this test :stuck_out_tongue:


I am really sorry. I decided to check my nec drive and blow out all the dust bunnies, so out to the air compressor I went. I do have a 3500. Apologies to all for my senility.


that’s too funny :lol: :doh: