How to get 100% burns with Liteon LDW-411S


First some background info:

I got a new liteon 411S almost 3 weeks ago. This gave me a lot of problems with a variety of media. Some burned flawlessly and others ended up in coasters. While browsing through the forums at CD-Freaks I hit upon an idea, while has worked for me.

Here is what happened initially:

  1. Drive came with FS0B Firmware

    Burned 3 DVD-R (Frontech 1X DVD-R) Nero (Data Disc)
    Result: 2 successes - 1 coaster (media burned at 1X)

  2. Upgraded drive to FS0H hoping new firmware would improve burns.

    Burned one more Frontech DVD-R (at 2x now) Nero
    Result: 1 coaster (media burned at 2X)

  3. Tried Using Imation DVD+R (4X - RicohJPN01) - FS0H

    Burned using Nero (all burned at 4X) - DVD Movie
    Result: 5 Successes, No coasters (100% working)

  4. Lizer 4X DVD-R (Cheap media no ATIP) - FS0H

    Burned using Nero (burned at 4X) (Data Disc)
    Result: Coaster.

  5. Downgraded to FS0F (FS0F supposed to be good for DVD-R )

    Samsung 2X DVD-R (PRODISC02)
    Burned using Nero (burned at 2X)
    Result: Success

  6. Upgraded firmware to FS0H

    Tried again with Lizer 4X DVD-R (No ATIP)
    Burned using Roxio EZCD 6.0 with all the Liteon updates
    Result: Coaster

I thought at this point of giving up my Liteon DVD Writer and go for a Pioneer drive. But a look at CD-Freaks prompted me to give this drive one last shot.

Uninstalled Roxio EZ-CD 6.0 Platinum - (Nero still installed). Then installed Gear DVD Standard Edition 6.05 with the latest drivers.

Firmware FS0H - all discs burned using Gear DVD Standard Edition 6.05.

  1. Burned another Lizer 4X DVD-R at 2X (Nero & Roxio both burned coasters) - Data Disc

    Result: 100% success.

This prompted me to use a variety of media.

  1. Burned Imation 2X DVD-R (CMCMAG01) - Data Disc
    Result: 100% success.

  2. Burned Imation 1X DVD-R Unbranded Media (OPTODISC)
    (4 - Data Discs & 1 DVD - Movie)
    Result: 5 successes, no coasters.

  3. Burned Imation 2X DVD-R (MCC)
    DVD Movie
    Result: 7 successes, no coasters.

In all I tried all varieties of media available locally where I live, from the cheapest one to the intermediates. Gear DVD hasn’t let me down so far. I have yet to burn a single coaster with it :slight_smile:

Still using FS0H (firmware rumoured to be DVD+R compatible rather than DVD-R compatible) with great results.

FYI - Nero is still installed on that machine along with Gear DVD. Both work without any problems. I use Nero to burn CD-R’s and Video CD’s and Gear for all my DVD’s.

Here is my system setup:

Celeron 1.2 Ghz
HIS 815 ATX Motherboard
256 MB Hynix PC-133 SDRAM
Riva TNT2 M64 - display card
Seagate : 20Gb 5400 ATA- 66 - Primary master
Samsung: 40Gb 7200 ATA -100 - Primary Slave
Liteon LDW-411S - Secondary master
Windows XP Professional Build 2600 - No SP1 installed.

I use Elby Clone CD and AnyDVD combo to get DVD’s on to my HDD and burn using Gear DVD Standard Edition. 100% successes.

All DVD’s tested in LDW-411S and Samsung DVD-E318 standalone DVD player. No skipping observed at all.

I love my liteon very much. In fact I got me another Liteon DVD-ROM XJ-166S on the recommendation of another user from the forums. Both drives are marvellous.

Sometime it’s the burning software which causes the problem. All I’m asking you guys to do is to try Gear DVD once on all types of media that have failed previously with Nero or others and report the results.

Thanks for being patient enough to read this long post :wink:


New Liteon Addict :wink:

PS: I can post some disc scans if needed :slight_smile:
And I’m still using the Unmodded original LDW-411S