How to full burn to 4.7GB


Well I tryed to burn a dvd sized 4.7GB data and the file siz was 4622MB. But some how it dont want to burn this disc. I am using the lates nero 7 and have changed the settings for over burning to 4600MB.

How come that I cant burn a media there I can burn 4.7GB data full? Is it possible to burn to max? And if yes how? What kind of software does it?

Pls do help me!

Thanks :sad:

4.7GB does NOT equal 4700MB. DVD+R capacity is 4483MB, DVD-R is 4489MB. DVD+R can be overburned with some burners to a max of around 4630MB depending on the burner and the media used. Also, Nero doesn’t properly overburn with some burners - my 1640 will not overburn with Nero, but in just the past few days Nero CD-DVD Speed has become compatible with overburning on the 1640, and ImgBurn will soon work with it as well.

how touse this software?

What burner do you have? Trying to overburn will be pointless if your burner doesn’t support it.

In general, it is best to never try to burn more than 4.4gb onto any dvd. Yes, some can handle it, but many can’t…