How to: From DeUHD to Lossless MKV


Hey guys,

Is there a tutorial on how to properly remux these 4K rips into MKVs while preserving the HDR/DolbyVision/etc. ?

I’ve always used MakeMKV which goes from disc to MKV directly so I have no idea what to do with this Disc Image or BDMV folder.


MKVToolNix will do the job, not sure if it retains DolbyVision, but it keeps HDR.


Just FYI, MakeMKV will have support for 4K rips in the next version. I’d prefer to stick to it since it handles forced subs (unlike MKVToolnix, or at least, MakeMKV makes it much easier), lets you rename things, etc. That said, if you want to use MKVToolnix, just drag the relevant M2TS file over and pick the audio and sub options you want. Done. I think this includes chapters but I can’t swear to it offhand.

As for Dolby Vision, I don’t know. I’ve heard people say MKVs currently have no way to retain the data. I don’t know who said this, though, or if it’s accurate.


If you want chapters, you need to use the MPLS, not the M2TS. And if your title has seamless branching (i.e The Martian that has Theatrical and Extended on the same disc), you either need to use the MPLS, or manually drag all of the M2TS files into MKVToolnix, in order, and choose to append them.

And yes, no Dolby Vision in MKV - the MKVToolnix 17.0 release thread ( has discussion on that.

I do agree that I prefer MakeMKV for forced sub handling, but luckily of the one UHD I have that has forced subs, the disc already had a separate sub track with the forced subs. I also prefer its track auto-selection (for me, english only, lossless audio, no core audio).


Thanks for the info! I’ve been lazy and haven’t really learned all the ins & outs of MKVToolnix, which I do think is an excellent tool.


for mkvtoolsnix just use the playlist. it will scan all playlists (mlps files) and then you can select the correct one. it preserves all subs, audio, chapter info. you can deselect what you dont want

if forced subs dont work just use the header editor in mkvtoolsnix and set the flag.

very easy

since it is a container, generally anything encoded into the m2ts is preserved. hdr for example works just fine


AFAIK there are only 3 titles in the world that support Dolby Vision. Despicable Me 1 & 2 and Power Rangers. Everything else is HDR 10. So is Dolby Vision support that important?


The list is much longer than that (albeit still fairly short):

Given the intersection of DV UHD disc, DV displays, DeUHD supported discs, and methods of encapsulating and then playing DV content, you’re right that support is near zero. But it’s a chicken-and-the-egg problem, as always. The egg is here. No reason to delay the chicken (encapsulating DV in MKV, and adding playback support to devices).


Is m2ts the only container format that can hold Dolby Vision?


And MP4. See


Ah I see. Thanks for that.

I guess I could just rip titles with Dolby Vision to M2TS for now and remux them later on if MKV ever supports Dolby Vision. There isn’t really much of a downside with just using M2TS as a container format is there? Probably just slightly increased file size as all the tracks are retained. I’ve always just done simple rips with MakeMKV for regular Blu-ray before and not re-compressed them.


It depends on what software you’re using. Generally you’ll want both the m2ts AND the mpls, though, because for titles with seamless branching it’ll be split across several m2ts, and the mpls is the instructions of how to put it back together. And thus you’ll need a player that understands mpls, not just m2ts. My preferred player is a Shield TV pulling from Plex server. I don’t know how Plex handles mpls, but the Plex client on Shield TV can’t direct play m2ts, which means it would transcode. Also, the Shield TV can’t even output Dolby Vision. Long story short - I remux to MKV for now, and if Dolby Vision in MKV becomes a reality I’ll re-rip the titles that are actually Dolby Vision (1 in 25 discs for me at the moment).


My HT setup is basically identical to yours (Shield TV, home server 24/7 with Plex) so I’ll probably just do the same as you then. Cheers for the insights!


For those that use MakeMKV, v.1.10.8 is finally out with support for unencrypted UHD.

I have not tried it yet. Will report back when I do…


I just load the index.bdmv in MKVToolnix and select the .MPLS which matches with the total playing time of the movie,so I don’t have to mux 2 or more .mkv’s of a disc with multiple big size M2TS clips…


rip to ISO and convert with MakeMKV, DVDFab. I can confirm either solution works quite well. I now rip everything to HDD and convert via DVDFab.


I’m curious how people are faring with DeUHD rip into MakeMKV? I’m not. I routinely get “corrupt or invalid offset” which results in a failed extraction more often than not. I had a few successful extractions in this workflow, but the invalid offset happens more than it doesn’t.


I haven’t had any problems. I’ve probably done 4-5 remuxes (direct from disc) with MakeMKV, and about 15 with MKVToolnix. Yes, I got the A/V sync warnings with MakeMKV on a disc or two, but it didn’t affect playback.


I’m finding that some of these discs have 2 playlists. One with English and Japanese audio. One with English and European audio. Seem to be identical otherwise.

Anyone know why this is the case? Which one are you choosing to extract?


Most probably just a regional thing
Which one to extract?
If you want English either will do,else pick the one that has the language you want