How to format External HDD To FAT32 Format But Also Creating PS3 Partions



I need to format my Seagate external 250 GB Free Agent into the FAT32 format. I also need to create the Playstation 3 partions on it as well. I am not sure of the exact specs I need as far as how many pations and I would like a detailed set of instructions. If any one has done this or knows how to do this…PLEASE HELP


Nevermind. I did it and it seems to be working flawlessly. If anyone needs some instruction on how to do this just ask. I found a step by step guide and I’ll be happy to post the link for you.


Could you post the link please?


[QUOTE=Kirjorp;2282062]Could you post the link please?[/QUOTE]

Oh Im sorry that was over a year ago so I no longer have the link on hand, but I can tell you how to do it. First use a program like swiss knife or seagate disc utility and format your drive and then making the PS3 folders is easy. You just need to make a PS3 Photo, PS3 Video, PS3 Music, and PS3 Game and your all set