How to format DVD+RW


I had two completely new Imation 8x DVD+RW disks. I’ve writed some movies to one disk using one DVD drive which is in my laptop and I’ve writed some movies using other DVD writer ND-3540A which is in my PC. Both disks were formated by Nero as they were brand new. And now I’m having situation that my DVD player can’t see one of these two disks which was written with DVD writer which was in laptop. I tried to do full erase on this disk and writed some movies with ND-3540 DVD recorder but my DVD player still cant see this DVD+RW. I saw that when Nero tries to write on completely new DVD+RW it tries to format it. So my question is - is it some kind of tool which lets me to do full reformat of my DVD+RW disk? I want my DVD player to be able to see this damn disk. Or is there some kind of another way? Thanks guys for your help.

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A RW disc need to be “formatted” only if it must be used like a large floppy disc with the so-called packet-writing softwares.

If you don’t use a packet-writing software to burn data on a RW disc, it is not necessary any “formatting”.

For some unclear reasons, it seems that nero is not able to manage correctly RW media. Many people experienced better results with rewritable discs using ImgBurn. Try to do a FULL erase with ImgBurn and see if the disc can be recovered.

Keep in mind, however, that RW media natively contains more errors than write-once discs, and the amount of these errors rises with time: the more times you re-write the disc, the more are errors. Some standalones are rather picky about discs, and if a disc contains too many errors, they are not able to read the disc anymore.

But what does the following thing mean: when I insert completely new and not used DVD+RW disk Nero says that it formats this disk?:slight_smile:

Anyway I did full erase with DVD decrypter and tried to write some movies with nero again. And now my DVD player was able to see this disk:)

ImgBurn has the same burn engine of decrypter, but it’s much more updated :slight_smile: