How to Format DVD-RW in xp

I have a panasonic dvd recorder which i recorded a film onto a DVD-RW disc but now i want to use the disc for something else and i need to re format the disc on the pc.
I have xp home sp3 and also roxio creator 2010 pro. I cannot see anything that will allow me to re format my disc, has anyone any ideas.


I don’t know anything about Roxio, but the freeware Imgburn, allows you to format RW disks.

I agree with Whappo about using ImgBurn :iagree:

btw, if I’m not wrong, ImgBurn does no [I]format[/I], but it can do a [U]full erase[/U] of a rewritable media.

After a full erase you should be able to use again the RW disc :slight_smile:

Formatting is the wrong terminology here, you want an erase function.

I don’t know where it is in Roxio 2010, but in my v10 of Roxio buisness
(HP bundled version) you want to click the “tools” menu tab and it’s in that list.


Quick erase or full erase are your two options.

Just use Imgburn…

I did not use Roxio for a while, but I am sure it will have an Erase function. For DVD-RW use only [B]Full Erase[/B] as Quick one may not produce readable DVD, if you burn a movie to it.
That is what I have experienced before.