How to format DVD-RAM as FAT32 using win2K



I have a LG 5163 Drive and I’m using windows 2000 SP4.
How can i format a DVD-RAM disk as FAT32 file system?
THe DVD-ram i’m using is the Panasonic 2~3x.

Thanks in advanced!


The original LG driver lets you format in FAT32. The Nero one doesn’t have this facility.
I don’t know for sure if it works on this particular model though…


In XP it is just a right mouse click on the Drive in Windows Explorer, then choose Format, IIRC. I use the DVD-RAM driver - it’s downloadable from various websites.

I have Windows 2000 but it’s not on this machine.


“LG Driver”? Where can i get the LG driver? When i use this external dvd writter, i just plug in the firewire and just used it. I have never install any driver at all.


I assumed that Allformats was referring to the driver which allows the LG burner to format DVD-RAM discs as UDF (various types). This was necessary before recent versions of Nero’s InCD program allowed UDF format.


LG used the Panasonic Ram drivers for their older drives but now just use XP,s native Ram support drivers, I use the Panasonic drivers for both my LG and Panasonic drives.
Ram Driver Software (meiudf.sys) allows you to format in UDF 1.50, UDF 2.0 and FAT32.


Have a look here:


For the panasonic drivers which include the dust check utility, format utility and write protect utility (ON\OFF) go here


This is a new driver that does not work with LG drives. Seems like Panasonic now checks which brand drive you have.
The thread mentioned two posts up contains links to the original ramdriver (which you have to install first) plus an update. Those still work.
So, if you don’t want to use InCD, this is the way to go to use dvd-ram discs with drag & drop in Windows XP.


PatLink posted a hack that would appear to get round the drive check:
What I’m not at all sure about is whether any of these drivers can be used with external drives such as that of the OP…


Thanks for the link, allformats.
My drive is external and the Panasonic driver I have now works with it.


Well, I used the hack to update the driver. :slight_smile:
I can format (UDF 1.5, 2.0 and FAT32) and use the write protect utility, but I do not get a DVD Tools tab in Properties, so no dust checking for me. :frowning:


The Panasonic package is complete (not just an updater). The installer “hack” works although it will be extracted to whatever your temp folder is set to, not necessarily under Documents and Settings. Also, perhaps it may be possible to simply edit the ini in the temp without repacking? But it is nice to prepare a universal archive. I would just recommend creating a copy of the Disk1 folder after it is moved, editing the copy and then moving those changed files to overwrite the originals. Otherwise, all the cab files will be extracted to the same folder and make a mess (presumably a different folder could be specified but I didn’t bother checking as the copy method was simple).

UDF 2.60 was recently added to InCD, but Matsushita is still stuck back on 2.00!


Good Nero/InCD. :slight_smile: