How to format a CD RW

I accidentally written some read only files in my CD RW and I am not able to erase the files. Is there is any way to delete a Read only file. I alredy tried erasing the disc in Nero (Full erase) and fomatting the disc to UDF format unfortunately neither didn’t work. I also tried to overwrite i’am getting the message that the disc is full try another Disc. how can I format a CD RW disc to CDFS format. :a

Are you sure the disc is a RW mate??

Does not make any difference as any file written to a CD-R[W] will show as RO.
As said are you sure its a RW ?

What are you using to blank the disk ?

sorry, I’m new here.don;t know where to post this problem I have. I just bought a dvd rw from LG a H42N and after few hours the dvd rom just disapeared from my drives I got this error


I don’t know what to do anymore. Please help me.Thank you very much