How-To for FantomCD?

Hey all-

Either I’m waaaay off- or UT2003 doesn’t use SR2?


Really want to play UT2003 & not swap disks- scratch them to bits?

Anyone know how this is supposed to go?

Any tips as to the correct box “tics” is appreciated!

Mom ;^)

just install UT2003, download and apply the newest patch.
u don’t need the disc in the drive anymore as newest patch removes the CD-Check.
hope this helps.

Which patch?

I haven’t run this program in quite a while (it’s an older version of FCD). Are you talking about the updates from Fantom? Or something else?


Accel is talking about the fact that installing the newest patch for UT2003 you won’t need any CD in your drive to play the game.

edit: maybe you check out Alcohol because FantomCD is really outdated for future backups of your games.


Guide me easy now- I can use Fantom to put the images on the hard drive & then how/when to apply the patch?

Thanks so far!


Sorry about that last post. The patch allows for the "no CD " play…

when, then, do you need the Fantom or other virtual drive? Only when a cracked “no-cd” is available? Does Alcohol or Fantom do anything beyond get it on the HD & run it? Any benefits to using them over a cracked .exe?


they are legal in the us, for one.

the latest update for Unreal Tournament 2003 removes the cdcheck from the program, so that you no longer need disc images with fantom cd/alcohol/whatever to run the game, as it DOESNT CHECK FOR THEM. :smiley: