How to flash Teac 58G@LiteOn 811S?



Hi guys,

wanna flash my Teac DV-W58GK to a LiteOn 811S.
How can i do this ?



You have to use a tool called LTNFLASH. But make a backup of your current firmware AND your eeprom first!


How can i do that ?


Read the sticky thread in this forum called Ltnflash guide


How did it go? Is your drive OK? I really want to patch 58G into 811 but i’m afraid it won’t be ok.


I did it!!! I’ve just used FlashFix on Original HS0K and flashed TEAC DV-W58G. And It worked! Now I have LiteOn 811!!!

you can use it with no problems!


Very interesting result! In this case, in my opinion, 811-firmware don’t check text string of drive’s name - only correct checksum :slight_smile:


@Serjnyak @all:

Thank you very much for you´re help. If done it too…:smiley:
Now my Teac DV-W58GK works as the better LiteOn 811S :wink:

At this time i have only one prob. I´ve forgotten to backup
my original Teac-Firmware. :bow: It would be very nice if you could
send that to in a mail. My e-mail adress is:




Check your email. Firmware is waiting for you :slight_smile:


it would be nice if somebody send me a 811s firmware in bin format. Unfortunately the exe flasher don’t update my teac dv-w58g…
ltnflash 1.2.4 for eeprom backup welcome too :slight_smile:



For those who are handy with a hex editor, it is possible to rip every firmware.bin from the exe. Even when tools like litefirm must pass. Just make a dump from your drive’s firmware, find the starting sequence of this dump in the exe file and from this starting position, copy a part with the same length as your firmware dump to a .bin file. Here you go!


Ssseth: Your site exceeded the daily download limit :frowning:
Thanks for everybody, I have been flashed my drive with ltnfw.exe and unofficial hs0p.bin from firmware page.

Everything seems to be ok now.
Exclude one thing. Kprobe doesn’t work - maybe this is a nforce2 driver-kprobe bug?!?


Do I need to flash the 811s Firmware and the EEPROM or only the Firmware ?


Only the firmware!!!


Sorry, but i am new in this forum and i have just done my first error: when i have modified my W58G@811S i made some changes to eeprom, but i have lost the backup (my unforgivable error).
Can anyone send me the original EEPROM or a screenshot of row 00040 in ltnflash ?
It contains the name of the recorder and i’ve modified it.
Please, please, help me… :bow: