How to flash SONY DRU810A to benq 1640

can anyone tell me a guide w/ links and tools how can i flash my 810a to benq1640 and how can i also revert it back ?

currently i`m using 1.0E firmware on my 810A

i want to flash to benq so i can scan

also i read benq tools works after u flash ? (link for them aswell)

how many of you have tried i hope there is no failure in doing so

Hi :slight_smile:
Take a look here. Sony f/w. BenQ f/w.

thanks a lot for a fast reply , the first link ‘here’ worked but cant see images

the 2nd and 3rd link are giving errors

You don’t have permission to access /modules/mydownloads/viewcat.php on this server.’

i hope everything is backup soon

Hi :slight_smile:
Try 810 f/w & 1640 f/w .

thanks zabadee , i still unable to see the images on the ‘here’ link i`m waiting for things to get back up!

thnx man it worked ! should i enabled wopc and solid burn (as they work fine w/ it?)

what is ur suggestion when i`m burning should i enabled both or which one ?(atm both are disabled)

Hi :slight_smile:
WOPC should be enabled by default. SolidBurn disabled by default for known media. It’s upto you, if you satisfied with the results then leave it as it is. If your not happy or feel there’s a possibility that you could gain then enable SB or disable WOPC. I currently have SB enabled for all media all the time. With my + media I leave WOPC enabled. For the - I disable WOPC. But each setup is different, you’re best off experiementing.