How to flash sony CRX140e



Hey all.

This cd writer is driving me crazy!!! It belongs to my cousin and he’s been having problems with it. It will only write onto certain cdrws (I tried different brands of cdrws and none of them worked). I just get errors (can’t remember what specific errors). Anyways I’m thinking that updating the firmware would help. So I download the 1.0s firmware for it. When I try to run the updater it tells me “no updateable driver present”. I have windows XP on this computer. I tried going to the SONY website for some help. I found an upgrade utility for the Sony Extreme CDRW series. I guess it’s supposed to give windows 2000/xp the new files and drivers for these writers. So I run the upgrade…it tells me that “Sony Extreme is not correctly installed on this computer. Reinstall the original Sony Extreme and then run this upgrade utility”. Can anyone provide me with some useful info regarding this piece of crap cd writer??? It will help me sleep peacefully! Thanks


What’s the drive’s current firmware? You shouldn’t expect such an old drive to support brand new media. Especially not High speed or Ultra speed discs since they cannot be written at 4x