How To Flash Rebadged ASUS 5224A?

I bought a rebadged ASUS CRW-5224A. It apparently had firmware installed on it that results in it being seen by the BIOS, Windows XP, Nero, etc. as just ‘CRW-5224A’ without the brand ASUS appearing anywhere. When I attempt to upgrade the firmware with the new firmware from ASUS’s site, I receive an error message reading “Can’t find the device to upgrade.” What can I do to upgrade the firmware?


Any updates on this?
I have a Cendyne external 52x24x52 CDRW, which is identified in Nero InfoTool as “CRW 5224A”, with firmware 1.20. Would not flash when using the native USB 2.0 wiring hookup. Have removed the drive from the external case and attached it via IDE connector, for flashing purposes. Neither MKTFlash, nor any of the ASUS flashing tools, can work. MKTFlash won’t recognize the memory type. The ASUS flash won’t work, due to the missing name of “Asus” in the drive identifier.

No luck! I actually gave up on flashing it and now use it as a secondary CD-ROM. My 24x Lite-On actually burns the CD-R discs I have faster than the Asus 52X. At some points in time the Asus worked great but now it seems to burn the discs I have very slowly (~20X). Pretty disappointing to say the least…

My cendyne drive(made by asus) has firmware “cendyne…”. Also I haven’t yet find a way to flash it to any asus firmware.